Austin’s Plagiocephaly Journey

Happy Tuesday from my sweet little Austin bear! I have been sort of quiet on here just focusing on my family and super busy with my business Stephanie Ripa Photography! I sincerely appreciate you all who have continued to stay close to us we seriously cannot thank you guys enough! 🤍

For the past 2 months Austin has been getting physical therapy for his torticolis and has been wearing his doc band helmet for 2 weeks now! Last week was the toughest for for this little guy waking up all night and unable to sleep with it on! He has to wear his helmet for 22 hours a day and poor guy did not like it at all at first but is finally getting used to it a little more each week! We have been going to physical therapy twice a week so it’s been a lot of juggling in the Ripa household!

Long story short: he dropped in utero too early and ran out of space in the womb which caused a small flat spot on the side of his head! Hopefully he will only have to wear this for a few more months!🤞

Now I have to get his name put on the front of it or something cute!

Do you have any kids that had to go through this? If so what was your experience? ⤵️

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